Friday, 2 March 2012

Online marking

Image from adesigna, available under CC
Attribution-Non commercial-Share Alike license
James and I did a session on online marking using Turnitin’s Grademark tool for History earlier this week. As part of researching it I came across this demo of the Grademark system.

Turnitin Grademark demo

It explains the tools available and lets you have a go at marking without having to set up a test assignment in Turnitin. You can type direct onto the page, drag and drop comments and strikethrough text amongst other things.

Have a go... it's surprisingly straightforward (although it doesn't work in every version of Firefox).

Interactive rubrics or grading forms are also now newly available in both Grademark and MOLE 2 assignments and I'll tell you more about them in my next post.


  1. That looks really handy, Jo - thanks for that!

  2. We had a demo of Grademark here in L*icester recently. it's an attractive idea but in my opinion a flawed product since it forces marks on students before they have engaged with their feedback. There's plenty of pedagogic research that shows this is a bad idea.

  3. I think that's a really valid point - and the comment about students not having read their feedback is one which is commonly heard. I wonder though if part of the problem is the line between formative and summative assessment - and the place for feedback in the process. Timely, personalized feedback is more relevant than standardised feedback that only appears at set assessment points in learning - so it would seem that Grademark is only part of the problem... it might be argued that the weakness of the delivery of feedback within the learning process are far more of an issue?

    Would be interested to read more - any pointers?



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