Thursday, 31 May 2012

14 Google+ Tips to get you started

1.  Click the timestamp on a Google+ post to find its permalink URL
2.  Click 'limited' to find out who a post was shared with
3.  Record and share up to 15 minutes of video by clicking the 'add video' button when creating a post
4.  Reply to Google+ posts from within your inbox - just scroll to the end of the email and start typing your reply - when you send it, it'll show up in Google+
Share circles to help others build their
networks - the more useful content they can
 see, the more useful Google+ is to them!
5.  Use your institutional Google Apps account for Google+ and it means that you can share posts just within the university
6.  Share with individuals - just type someone's name when you're sharing a post to let them alone see it
7.  Use + and the person's name in a post to bring it to their attention via a notification
8.  Create circles and share them to help others build up their own networks - look out for the 'share this circle' link when you're viewing your circles
9.  When viewing a circle (click on 'More' and then the circle name to do this), use the slider at the top right to control how much content from that circle appears in your stream
10. Use your Google+ circles to help you manage what's visible in your inbox
11. Edit, restrict, link to, delete, view sharing etc from the drop down arrow on each post
12. Use hashtags on your posts so that you can search for and aggregate topics easily - remember, there's no character limit on your Google+ posts, so you can use multiple tags
13. Save things you've searched for - it means that you can keep track of new content / follow hashtags easily
14. Complete your profile so that others can find you - you can always check how it looks to others using the 'View as...' function on your profile page (it's also worth making your posts public unless there's a reason not to as that way people can see if they're interested in what you're sharing).

Any other good Google+ tips you know about?  Drop in a comment to let us know!


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