Friday, 27 July 2012

Weekly Learning Technology Digest... 21

Image from Jon Oakley under a
CC BY 2.0 license
We're in the week after graduation (I was on leave last week so no learning technology digest last week!)... and all is quiet-ish on campus.

Behind the scenes things have been *very* busy with all the preparation for the next academic year, but we've unleashed some more of our brilliant graduates into the world... and it's time to pop on the kettle, put your feet up... and enjoy the weekly learning technology digest!

  • First piece of news in the past couple of weeks was about the expansion of Coursera - Top universities join free online teaching platform - and significantly Edinburgh University has joined forces to deliver free online courses with them as well.  As the first UK institution, they've definitely earned themselves 'one to watch' status with this one.
  • Next handy thing was Handy YouTube tools for teachers which has a five things you may not have realised YouTube did and which, given that everyone has a YouTube account they can access via their university account, you might want to explore!
  • One to read is the excellent 'Innovating Pedagogy' series of reports which are coming out from the Open University.  The questions raised are important for practitioners and policy-makers.  Keep an eye on these are more appear!
  • Really like the Creative Commons license choosing tool - it really is very handy if you're considering options for making your work available through CC licensing and I would add this to my 'openness toolkit' if I were you!
  • Talking of Creative Commons licenses, did you know that YouTube breaks records with 4M Creative Commons videos?  Me neither!  What an incredible resource that's out there, huh?  For more information about the YouTube CC resource, there's a good blog post about just that thing!
  • Social media is more than simply a marketing tool for academic research appeared in The Guardian's Higher Education Network and... well... it's an article which tells you exactly what the title implies it's going to do!  A nice concise list of the things that social media might bring to your practice and why it's beneficial to be part of a wider social community.
  • Talking of getting stuff out there, did you know that Apple have now said that Any teacher can publish content to iTunesU?  Well, they have... and you can.  Which if you've got their free iPad app opens up a world of possibilities...
  • The very last thing came from the 'PowerSearching with Google' MOOC which I completed during the last week.  It's about how Google Search works, and it's an interesting little tour of the mystery that is the way Google indexes the web!

Lots of loveliness out there this week!  From insight into how search works to MOOCs expanding and ideas for learning and teaching.  All good stuff!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!


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  1. That's very interesting news about the opening up of iTunes U - thanks for pointing that one out Sarah - should make discussions interesting about how Institutions manage their attitudes to going "Open" with their resources.......



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