Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A-Z of Free Online Stuff - 3. Creative Commons

Image from Horia Vorlan, under a CC
Attribution licence
C is for Creative Commons

Regular users of this blog will know we're all big fans of Creative Commons, and with good reason. Copyright can be a minefield, and knowing where to find good quality images, music and sound that can used legally and for free is very important when creating content.

Creative Commons gives content creators the chance to give their work different licenses, allowing others to use their work provided certain criteria are met - a "some rights reserved" license rather than the usual blanket "all rights reserved". There is a wealth of material out there that can be found quickly and easily, and so there really isn't a lot of excuse for both infringing copyright, or having boring, imageless presentations!

Some of the best sites for finding material also happen to begin with 'C'. should be everyone's first stop if they're new to what can be used and how, and has a good search function. Compfight is a great site for easily searching Flickr for images, and ccMixter is great for finding music and samples. (Jamendo for music, and Freesound for SFX are also really useful, even if they don't fit in with the alphabetical conceit of this post!).


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