Monday, 8 October 2012

Did you know... about subscribing to discussion boards in MOLE

Did you know... that it's possible to 'subscribe' to discussion boards in MOLE 2, which emails you any posts that are made, makes replying easier and saves you the hassle of checking the boards for activity. To do this
  1. go to the discussion board forum you want to keep track of
  2. click the subscribe button
  3. Await email updates

If you can't see the button in the discussion board forum it hasn't been turned on. It's easy to do so, just 
  1. go to course tools > discussion boards
  2. find the discussion board forum you want to keep track of
  3. click the options button the the right of the forum title and click edit from the menu
  4. in section 3, in the subscribe subsection, choose 'Allow members to subscribe to forum' and 'Include body of post in the email' 
  5. click submit and try subscribing again

Finally, if you turn this on and get buried by posts it's easy to filter them. The emails will all have the following in the title "[the name of the module]: New Post". So in gMail

  1. open one of the emails and copy that identifying part of the title, as highlighted above
  2. click on the more button above the message and choose 'filter messages like these'
  3. in the subject filed enter "[the name of the module]: New Post" (minus the quotation marks and square brackets, but with the name of your module of course)
  4. In the following screen you can choose what to do with them - you might want to apply a label and skip the inbox, but if you do please still remember to check them periodically
  5. Also check the box to apply this filter to all of the messages it found.

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