Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top tips when using MOLE

Did you know that there are a few handy features in MOLE which will save you time when developing your module and help engage your students with the course? I have listed 5 tips below which users may find helpful.

1. Student View

If you want to get a very quick student view of your module then you can do this with one click. Simply hover your mouse over to the top right hand side of the module page and click on the Edit Mode is button, is should set it to OFF. To go back into tutor view click it again to set it to ON

Handy Tip: The ‘OFF’ mode only gives you an 85% representation of what the actual student might see. To get a full view of what students will see, from the left hand menu go to Course Tools >> Student View

2. Hide option
You can create a menu item and hide it from students, for example if you wanted a staff only area then you could create a menu item and hide it from students.

To do this, once the menu item has been created simply hover your mouse over the option and click on the action link  and then select Hide Item from the list of options.

Handy Tip: You can also hide individual items or folders, simply click on the Actionlink >> Edit >> set the Permit Users to View this Content option to No.

3. Colour theme quick change
You can change the colour theme of your module very quickly too. Simply hover your mouse over to the top right hand side of the module page and click on the Colour Pallet which is located next to the Edit Mode option. You will then be presented with a list of themes, simply select one to see what it looks like on your module.

Handy Tip: You can customise your module even more by going to Customisation >> Style >>...then go through the options that are presented to you, make sure you click on the Submit button to make your changes.

4. Entry Page
You can set the module to open any option of the left hand menu every time users went into it, for example if you had week one, week two and so on in your menu then you could change the entry point of the module every week to the set week that the student would be in. This would mean that every time users accessed your module they would get taken straight into the relevant week area.

To change the entry point of your module go to Customisation >> Style >>.....you can then select the entry point from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Make sure you click on the Submit button to confirm your change.

Handy Tip: If you have a menu item that is hidden then you won't be able to set it as the entry point.

5. Early Warning System
The Early Warning System is a rule-driven communication tool that Instructors use to send email notification messages to Students. Rules are created by Instructors and can be based on a test score, calculated column, due date or module access. For example you could set a rule to show you a list of users who have not accessed your module for the last 5 days and then send an email to them.

To do this select Evaluation >> Early Warning System >> Create Rule >> select the type of rule you want to create and go through the options on the screen.

Handy Tip: Once the rule has been created you should click on the ‘Refresh’ option before you use it as it will then give you the most upto date information. 


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