Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A-Z of Free Online Stuff- 8. Hot Potatoes

Image from Leo Reynolds, under a CC
BY-NC-SA licence
H is for Hot Potatoes

Making interactive quizzes is a great way to engage users with learning materials, but without expensive software or coding skills this can seem quite tricky. One solution is to use the brilliant Hot Potatoes, a freeware application that can be used to create quizzes quickly, easily and without technical skill.

Hot Potatoes works as either a Windows download, or a Java download that will work cross-platform. From here you can create five types of quiz:

  • JQuiz - a regular quiz, that allows multiple choice or strings of text as answers.
  • JCloze - a "fill in the missing words" quiz.
  • JMatch - a quiz to match pairs of words or images.
  • JCross - a simple crossword-maker.
  • JMix - a jumbled sentence exercise.

As well as this, it includes "The Masher", a application that will assemble different quizzes together into a single module.

Once quizzes are created, they are exported as HTML documents, which can be integrated with existing web content.

See here for some examples of quizzes made using Hot Potatoes. The software was also used by the University of Sheffield's excellent All About Linguistics module, where students used it to create quizzes for the "Test Your Knowledge" section of their Google Site.


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