Monday, 24 December 2012

All the tech I want for Christmas....

Just a quick post before Santa comes rolling down our chimneys with his bag packed with goodies (hopefully!), I asked some of the technologists at the university what kind of tech-related stuff they would like to get for Christmas.....

James Little (Learning Technologist / School of Nursing & Midwifery)

iPad Mini - to enable content consumption on the go and ability to take notes via Google Docs.

MIDI Interface - In order to get back to being creative and composing music (last MIDI interface I have is circa 1996)

Claire Beecroft (University Teacher/ Information Specialist)

An iPad mini. I've always felt that a 7(ish!) inch tablet is the ideal for staff to carry around- its so much lighter and a real help for mobile working. I'll be installing the blackboard apps and learnist, hipstaMatic for taking my own pictures for use on Prezis, the Prezi app and Audioboo to records podcasts for distance learners.

I'd also like a copy of Camtasia for my home laptop, an Egeel iPhone mini projector so I can be a truly mobile teacher. I'll be buying an Xmini speaker for friends- its come to my rescue so many times when the audio in teaching spaces has let me down!

Paul Jinks (Learning Technologist University of Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry)

Getting: apple TV, looper pedal for guitar.

Would like: ipad mini, raspberry pi

Would like to have access to for testing and out of curiosity: ipad, nexus 7, nexus 10, nexus 4, Chromebook

Ian Loasby (Learning Technologist, School of Law)

My head says I should get hold of the one of new cheapest model Samsung Chromebooks and see just how useful it could be in the University of Sheffield learning environment now they've ironed out a few of the quirks.

My heart says I could easily blow several £1,000s setting up equipment for doing some digital astrophotography , that might even include a new DSLR as well.

You listening Santa ?

Graham McElearney (Senior learning Technologist/CiCS)

One copy of Omnisphere 1.5 soft synth, look at the demo video for it.

One Salvi Aurora 47 string concert grand pedal harp

Distinctly non-e-learning related, and more significantly, sadly I'm not expecting to receive either :(

I have actually now got hold of Metaio Object Creator which has just been released for the Mac - so hopefully will get a chace to start looking at some Augmented Reality applications in archaeology I've been wanting to try since my PhD.

David Read (Learning Technologist, English Language Teaching Centre) 

As I recently got both a Galaxy Note phone and tablet, I would really like the Samsung Allshare Cast Dongle to allow me to wirelessly beam content directly from my phone or tablet to a tv or projector. This could be useful both at home and at work for showing videos recorded on the devices. 

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with stereo bluetooth headphones - not, I hasten to add, the ones that businessmen, van and taxi drivers use, I mean the ones used for listening to music -  and already have five different ones in my possession. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect bluetooth headphones and really like the look of the Jaybird Bluebuds X. However, they are ridiculously expensive, so I don't think I'll be getting them anytime soon.

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  1. OK so I treated myself to the Omnisphere as a New Year's present instead............ ;) G



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