Thursday, 10 January 2013

Learning and Teaching Conference: MOOC Experiences

I attended yesterday's Learning and Teaching Conference at The University of Sheffield and presented 'Experiences from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and how the MOOC could potentially increase diversity, social inclusion & learner engagement' in the exhibition space.

Where possible I try to make my work freely available under a Creative Commons Licence (more about this in future posts). Consequently, my notes are available on my own blog. The following is an extract, including my Slideshare hosted presentation.

There is currently much interest and excitement at the emergence of an educational approach commonly termed the ‘Massive Open Online Course’ or MOOC. These MOOCs are truly global in their reach, and can be massive with tens of thousands of participants. Whilst the approach is very much in its infancy the concept has gained traction in a short time and is developing and evolving almost on a month/weekly/(or even) daily basis. For many people much of their understanding about MOOCs will have been gained from reading about them in the traditional media.

I have participated in several MOOCs and wanted to present my experiences to the conference, and allow delegates to consider the positives that MOOCs could offer in and of themselves, but also how lessons can be learned to potentially improve on-campus courses.

by Mark Morley

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