Friday, 22 February 2013

Sharing, Remixing & Reusing: Part 1

If you want to make work available for others to use then you probably consider applying a Creative Commons Licence. Creative Commons or CC is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. This seems like a useful milestone to encourage those who aren't sure what it's about to take a look.

If you do want to apply a CC licence then there is an interactive page to assist you to decide which is appropriate for your needs.

So the first element of using CC licences is to license your own work. The flip side is then using the work of other people appropriately. A common misconception is that it is okay to mix work with any of the different CC licences and use the resulting output freely, or stick any CC licence you then choose onto that work. However, this isn't the case. A useful resourse to help out with this is OER Remix a drag-and-drop game (in Flash) where you pull down combinations of cards representing different media with different CC licences to help you understand how to remix them appropriately.

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