Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sharing your Google Docs and Presentations with /preview

Google Docs has many 'hidden tricks' that can help with your productivity, collaboration, and presentation. The aim of these short tips is to reveal such tricks to enhance the learning and teaching experience. I also intend to produce and share a set of 'short tip' documents.

Publish with /preview

By default, the URL you see for a Google Doc ends in /edit. This is the ‘edit view’ of that document, whether you have provided editing rights or not. If you just want someone to read your shared document without editing or commenting then send the link with /preview replacing /edit at the end of the URL. This provides a read-only version to the recipient, which loads faster without distracting menus and buttons, and has pagination.

Doc with /edit in the URL.
Doc with /preview in the URL.

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