Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Adobe iPad apps

It's worth keeping an eye on what iPad apps are released by Adobe - new ones seem to crop up all the time, and there's some really good stuff out there. Many of these free apps work well one their own, but really come into their own when it comes to integration with packages in Creative Cloud.

We already looked at the excellent Adobe Voice, but there are a lot of other gems out there. This includes Illustrator Draw, an update and rebrand of the brilliant Adobe Ideas, is a layer-based vector drawing package that allows you not only to create mini-Masterpieces on your iPad, but export them to Illustrator to brush them up. But it's just one of a small suite of drawing and image manipulation apps - Illustrator Line is for precision drawing and drafting, Photoshop Sketch for creating expressive drawings in a range of natural-style pens and brushes, Photoshop Mix for simple creative image editing, and Lightroom Mobile, a mobile version of the well-known programme for organising and editing photos.

Video-makers are also served by Adobe Premiere Clip, a very (very) scaled-down version of Premiere, which allows for simple edits to be done on the fly, and exported as XML to edit in Premiere Pro. It's one of the least polished of these apps, but still worth a look if you want to try your hand video editing on an iPad, and especially if you want to integrate this into a Premiere project.

Finally there's a range of pretty random, but surprisingly useful, tools for capturing material the world to integrate into your Creative projects. Adobe Brushes (pictured) turns your photos into Brushes to be used in Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator. Adobe Shape will scan images and turn them into vector shapes to use in Illustrator. And finally Adobe Color will create colour themes based on a photo.

As I've said, many of these work well on their own - especially Draw and Sketch - and are well worth downloading even if you're not a Creative Cloud user. However if you are a paid-up member of Creative Cloud, these apps are brilliant ways to use your iPad in creative ways and integrate this into your larger projects, and to incorporate the world around you into your works.


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