Friday, 17 October 2014

Adobe Voice

A few weeks ago I delivered a workshop, along with Tommy Wilson from the Creative Media team, on ways to record media on mobile devices, as part of the Technology Enhanced Learning team's series of lunchtime mobile learning sessions. Explain Everything, iMovie and Vine were among the apps discussed, but one of my favourites, and one that seemed to go down very well with participants, was Adobe Voice.

Adobe Voice is a free app for iPad, in which users can very easily create a short animation to express an idea or process. It allows you to record audio, and match this to copyright safe icons and photographs, or images from your own Camera Roll. You can apply a series of templates and styles, and suitable music.

The example below was recorded in just a few minutes, live as part of the demonstration of the software.
The example below is a good example from the Adobe Voice blog, of how it can be used to convey an idea. A very simple concept, and one that has a lot of potential in learning and teaching. It can be used for teachers, wanting to quickly create video content in a charming and polished way, but without having to have the time or skill to create an animation. Equally, it can be used by students exploring ideas with media, without having to learn complicated software.

Are you using Adobe Voice, or have some thoughts how you can use it? Please leave us a comment!

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