Monday, 6 July 2015

Handy App: Post-it Plus

Here at the University of Sheffield my role often involves working with colleagues to brainstorm and discuss ideas. To help facilitate this, I often rely on post-its enabling participants to share ideas and skim through the responses of others. If you use post-it notes in this way, like me you probably take a picture of the post-it notes after the event so that they can be shared more widely. One of the problems with taking a picture is that it is difficult to add, edit, or reorder the post-its once you have your picture. So I was pleasently surprised when I came across the 3M post-it app (only available in the App Store), which allows you to do just this.

The app allows you to take a picture of or upload a picture of a 'bunch' of post its. It will then recognise each note in the picture (or let you outline where a note is if the app is struggling to do so). You can then:
  • Edit a note
  • Reposition each note
  • Add a new note
The picture below is from a TEL meets session that we host monthly at the University, the event brings together learning technologists across the institution to network and share ideas. In a recent event we asked delegates to consider what discussion points they would like covered in forthcoming sessions. After uploading an initial picture of the post-it notes to the app,  I have been able to shade out the names of people that suggested an idea to anonymise them (in red).

You can move around each note individually or automatically align them. 
Finally, you can see that I have added some new post-it notes using the keyboard and my finger (for a freestyle look) (see the light yellow post-its in the centre below). 
You can also export the changes that you have made (as an image, powerpoint or word) or share your notes with other users. I stuck with the free version of the app, but for a fee you can have the option to change the the colour of different post-it notes. 

Would you find this app useful? Is this something you will use? Add a comment and share your thoughts! 

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