Monday, 27 June 2016

Five things we learnt from day one of TELFest

1.)  Make sure MOLE content is never more than three clicks away. 

In the MOLE Design Skills session, we learnt that content should never be more than three clicks away. Investing a little amount of time on your part, in making content easy to find, will hugely benefit students in the long run.

2.) Choose Twitter for your academic profile.

We learnt in the Social Media Workshop that Twitter is the preferred platform for creating an academic profile on social media. You can use your account to post relevant content before and after lectures. It is also a useful way of connecting with other academics or even journalists.

3.) When shooting video, NEVER shoot in portrait.

We learnt from the Flipped Learning Workshop that when shooting video, you should never shoot in portrait. Even though many people using smartphones have adapted the habit, the videos will be watched on horizontal computers, screens and projectors. Your eyes are horizontal, so surely it's logical to shoot in landscape?

4.) Wyn Morgan wants to put projectors that are directly behind speakers in Room 101.

The University of Sheffield's Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, Wyn Morgan, revealed that he would like to put projectors that are directly behind the speaker into Room 101. To find out why, check out the interview below: 

5.) And finally, sometimes, the old ways are the best.
Those who attended the Flipped Learning Workshop got to send their opinions to the front of the room by throwing paper aeroplanes.

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