Friday, 24 June 2016

New Features in BlackBoard

The latest updates to BlackBoard include a few changes and bug fixes and some new exciting features! Here is a quick overview of a couple that we are hoping will be available for you to use very soon:

Date Management

Date Management is a tool designed to allow you to easily change the dates on your course content where they have previously had a date associated with them. You can choose to adjust the dates automatically or manually. For the manual option you can select all or just select the content that you would like to adjust.

You are able to select a number of options which will filter the course content that you are presented with which will help to manage the date changes

All course and organisation items with dates are supported in the Date Management Tool. This includes:
  • Content (items, files, audio, etc)
  • Assessments (tests, surveys, assignments,etc)
  • Tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements, etc)

To make these adjustments you will be presented with the option to adjust the dates using the course start date, a specific number of days or you can list all of your dated items to review.

Goal Performance Dashboard
You can use the Goal Performance Dashboard to better understand student performance in a course. The dashboard displays course goals and the assessments that map to them. Students can check to see how their grades are contributing to achieving the goals for their course. This is an alternate view of the dashboard which shows course goals and assignments that align with each goal.

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