Monday, 14 November 2016

Horizon Scanning - Enabling more effective STEM Assessment

We receive feedback from certain parts of the university, that despite the fact that the MOLE test engine is extremely powerful and useful for both formative and summative (including formal exams) the question types don't allow for more varied assessment for STEM Courses.

Following some research that we conducted - we found a product called Maple TA. On further examination this software allows for questions to be created that would require the students to answer if some of these formats
  • Mathematical Free Response
  • Adaptive Questions
  • Graph Sketching
  • Free Body Diagrams
  • Gradeable Math Apps
  • Numeric response with margin-of-error

At the moment we are looking at its possible uses, and will be contacting several departments to get their opinion as to how useful this software would be. If you would like to be able to do more advanced STEM assessment, and would like to contribute to the analysis of this for the institution, please contact myself (Simon Warwick)

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