Monday, 13 February 2017

Online Exams in MOLE

Computer room in The Diamond
The Autumn exam period has just recently finished, and once again we have seen an increase in the number of them being run online in MOLE.

In partnership with the Student Examinations Team, we have had a total of 30 exams running, with 3137 students involved. This is almost a 50% increase from the same period last year, and if we see a similar number increase in the Spring exam period, then we will certainly increase the total for the year from last year when we had 4250 students sitting in 79 exams.

A number of the exams this time have been run for the very first time in MOLE, and we have also had an increase in the variety of assessment methods in use. Alongside the more standard multiple choice type test questions, we have had essay based exams, the use of audio and video and file submission.

All this activity has run very smoothly, thanks to the MOLE exam procedure that we have worked hard on to make MOLE exams no different in most ways to traditional paper based exams. that is not to say that there were no hiccups along the way, however with Chief Invigilators having been trained in the delivery of MOLE exams and the TEL Team on call to step in if needed, we were able to ensure that all the exams completed without many incidents.

It's exciting to see this growth in the use of MOLE, and the feedback we are getting from staff and students is that MOLE exams are a positive experience and something to build on.

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