Tuesday, 18 July 2017

TELFest App Swap Breakfast

During TELFest I led a really great App Swap Breakfast, which saw colleagues swapping tips on mobile apps used in learning and teaching, accompanied by muffins and coffee.

As promised here is a summary of all the apps that were discussed:

Adobe Capture - A quick and easy way to get a colour palette from a photo, which can be imported for use inAdobe Creative Cloud.

Castbox - A one stop shop for finding and listening to free podcasts

Coggle - Interactive mind-maps.

Co-spaces - An easy way to create virtual reality experiences on a phone or tablet.

Edmondo - Social media-style space for educators to communicate with peers, students and parents.

Flipboard - An attractive and intuitive news aggregator.

Forest - An anti-procrastination app where you grow a virtual tree, which dies if you navigate away from your task, and can be added to your productivity forest, and even add to a real-world tree-planting programme.

Google Keep - A very useful list-making and note-taking tool.

Gravity Sketch - A 3D sketching tool for iOS.

Habitica - A productivity app that uses a retro-RPG feel to make it fun to achieve goals with inbuilt rewards and punishments.

Headspace - A mindfulness app to reduce stress and anxiety (with the great tip that this is free for anyone with a half-price NUS Extra Spotify premium account).

Homeboy - A home security app, but discussed as a possibility for learning and teaching, by setting up a motion-activated "diary room" for student reflection.

Librivox - Free Public Domain audiobooks.

Marvel - A really useful collaborative prototyping app, to create working mockups of systems from screenshots.

Mediaspace Go - The app for viewing and interacting with Kaltura content.

Netvibes - Creates a personal dashboard with all your favourite news, social media, websites and smart devices in one place.

Newsela - Categorises news articles, rewritten for different reading levels, with the ability to add assessment in the form of quizzes and write prompts.

Padlet - Easy way to create a virtual whiteboard for ideas and collaboration.

Piktochart - A quick and easy way to create Infographics.

Post-it Plus - Great app for recording real-world post-it notes virtually.

Quizizz - Quick and easy way to create fun, meme-themed competitive quizzes for classroom interaction.

Sketchfab - A way to share and find 3D models for use online and in VR.

Sock Puppets - Allows you to create and share lip-synched animations.

Tinycards - An app from the makers of Duolingo, which allows teachers to create flash card-based games for learning languages, vocabulary or visual images.

Waterlogue - Turns any photo into a beautiful watercolour painting!

As you can see a huge range of useful apps across the course of the session - and thanks to all the app-swappers! If you've used any of these apps in your learning and teaching, or have some ideas how they can be, then let us know.


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