Tuesday, 4 July 2017

TELFest 2017 - Day 2

TELFest Day Two has come and gone, and with it another host of thought provoking events. 

Here's some of the highlights from Tuesday.

The first session of the day saw Louise Robson discussing Encore (the new name for Lecture Capture at the university) and her journey using this technology in her Department, Biomedical Science. She described how capturing lectures had benefitted her students and not led to any decrease in attendance, as well as talking about interesting features such as the pause button and the ability to edit certain parts of lectures. James Slack and Laura McNally then gave an overview of how the lecture capture works. This is a growing system that is quickly expanding across the University.
Meanwhile attendees were given the chance the play with creative media kits in a session about creating content on your phone. There was also a guide about how to present yourself on camera, with a focus on audio and controlling body language. Attendees Fiona Campbell and Angie Rees told us what they took away from the session: The highlight of the day was the CrysTEL Maze as TELFest used another TV gameshow classic to inform people about the potential of gamification in teaching as well as discussing accessibility in learning. Richard O’Brien aka Graham McElearney played the enthusiastic host role as teams ran around the Diamond in the name of friendly competition. And there was the all-important catering… Sabrine Little closed the day with the launch of her University of Sheffield Enterprise Grant funded project, aiming to aid staff and encourage staff to consider the wider implications and disseminations of their work. And news from the Twitter leader board: Elena Rodriguez-Falcon (@ElenaRF) won yesterday's Top Tweeter prize! See you tomorrow for TELFest Day Three!

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