Wednesday, 5 July 2017

TELFest 2017 - Day Three

Day Three of TELFest 2017 saw more discussions and demonstrations on technology enhancing our students learning, looking at social media, online learning and much more. Here’s what happened:

The breakfast session was led by Mark Bradley from the Department of Journalism Studies. He explained how he had been using social media as a learning, teaching and assessment tool and offered suggestions to attendees as to how they could implement this in their own teaching. One idea was the use of Facebook Groups being used to monitor and encourage student group work.

Mr Bradley offered his top social media tips.

Ian Glover came from the Sheffield Hallam University to talk and lead a practical session along with Simon Warwick about different teaching and pedagogical methods. He led an extremely productive discussion as attendees shared the methods and practices they had been using. The ‘Teaching Approaches Menu’ was also launched.

Ian Glover told us more about what he was trying to achieve.

There were several sessions dedicated to the new features of Mole and TELFest held its first ever Poster Exhibition.

Andy Tattersall then chaired a stimulating panel discussion on Openness in education. The discussion looked at how to increase your openness with educational content and why this is important to do so. The Panel consisted of Dr Anthony Rossiter, the head of Faculty Engagement at the University of Sheffield Library Gavin Boyce and Mark Morley of CiCS.

The day ended with some case studies, with Claire Beecroft and Luke Miller (ScHARR) talking about engaging online learners and online communities and Sarah Moore and Layla Croll talking about how to facilitate discussion in an online environment.

And from the Twitter leaderboard, Day Two’s top tweeter was Amy Mollekin (@TheFirstAmyM) and Day Three's Emily Goodall (@DrEmilyG).

We are now over the half way point of TELFest 2017, so don’t miss our final two days of technology and teaching.

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