Thursday, 11 January 2018

A change to the Editing Tools in Kaltura

On Sunday 14th January there will be a change in the way that we access the editing (trim and clip) tools within Kaltura

The new editor consolidates the 'Trim Video' and 'Create Clip' tools within an easy to use interface. To access the new editor, click on My Media and navigate to a media item. Click on the Edit button, and click Launch Editor.

The new editor interface will allow you to trim the start and end of a video, as well as saving a copy of media item. For instance, this could be useful if you wanted to share a specific section of a video with others.

Image showing how the Actions menu will change

The Interactive Video Quiz editor will also move to the new editing interface. Quizzes can be created by clicking Add New > Video Quiz, and questions are added using the new editor. 

New Quiz Editor view with the timeline zoom controls highlighted

The new editing interface will make it easier to be more precise when trimming videos and adding questions due to the ability to zoom in on the timeline - the zoom handle is circled red in the above image. 

For more information, please have a look at our updated Quick Start Guides

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