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New interface MOLE 2 2012 upgrade (July 2012)

From 9th July 2012, we will have the new 2012 MOLE 2 interface. 
The video above shows what you can expect.


Image from Stuck in Customs, under a
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license 

There's always lots of interesting work going on in technology enhanced learning around the university, but just to give you a feel for what we're currently working on, here are a selection of the projects occupying the Learning Technologies Team:

VLE Implementation - we're going from WebCT Vista to Blackboard Learn 9.1 - or, as we refer to them, MOLE to MOLE 2 (MOLE stands for My Online Learning Environment) - and we're well into the second year of this project, with all MOLE users due to be moved to MOLE 2 for 2012/13.

Google Apps for Learning and Teaching - we've got Google Apps here at the University of Sheffield, so we're busy looking at how we can best support and develop its use as a learning and teaching tool.  A bank of staff development and support resources will be produced as well as case studies and ideas for use from practitioners brought together.

Turnitin Service - we're also creating a service to support Turnitin, the text-matching software from iParadigms.  We're looking at it as a way to support eAssessment - from submission to the provision of feedback and peer assessment - and the new Turnitin Service will aim to support the various ways in which Turnitin can be used in academic practice through a service approach.  The new service should be live for the academic year 2012/13.

Blackboard Collaborate Pilot - we're working with colleagues in ScHARR on a pilot of Blackboard Collaborate to see whether it would be a useful tool for enhancing learning as well as increasing the flexibility of staff development.  The outcomes of the pilot should be available by October 2012.

We're also working on a 'teaching online course' to be delivered in MOLE 2 as well as looking at better ways to work with colleagues to support learning technologies across the university, getting our media streaming service (uPlayer) embedded into practice, looking at openness in MOLE 2, upgrading MOLE 2 (to Service Pack 8) and putting together a portfolio of technology enhanced learning workshops for staff.

If you'd like more information on any of the above, please get in touch with us at

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